Welcome to the Dorchester Chaplaincy Site

The Town Chaplaincy team offers support and encouragement for shop workers, market traders, shoppers and anybody working in the town of Dorchester.

Retailing today faces many challenges. We recognise everyone involved in providing a retail service in our town, in whatever capacity, is an individual of value, and like anyone else benefits from a smile and a friendly word of encouragement.

Time to listen!

Chaplains have the advantage of having time to listen and take an interest in the pressures you may be under. They are experienced listeners and retain confidentiality where necessary and appropriate.

Who are the Chaplains?

Dorchester Town Chaplains are a team of people from local churches who are clearly identified by ‘chaplain’ badges.

Each week we will visit the town centre. If you would like us to make an early visit or wish to raise a specific issue please contact us Click here to visit our 'Contact Us' page.

What does a chaplain do?

A chaplain does not provide a formal counselling service, but is there to listen and take an interest. Chaplains are careful not to interrupt work, but often snatch a few words with colleagues, to be a support and encouragement during the busy working day.

We are available for all, including management and service providers, and can, if needed, make ourselves available for longer conversations over coffee. None of the chaplains receive payment for their services, so the team remains independent.

“But I’m not religious!”

Although a chaplain is a person of faith, they are not just available to talk about religion, but to listen to whatever you want to talk about. We are interested in you as a person of value and worth. What you talk to us about is up to you!

Further details and contacts: to follow.

Dorchester Town Chaplaincy is an initiative of the churches in Dorchester, signposted by BID. The Town Council supports the aims of the chaplaincy service.